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Our Varieties

  • Spartan:  Large, abundant​ sweet fruit with tangy flavor

  • PatriotLarge aromatic and tasty, excellent for freezing​

  • BlueraySweet, light blue fruit, harvest goes on for weeks​

  • Blue CropHeavy sweet crop, excellent for pies​

  • Elizabeth: Enormous berries with intense flavor​

  • NorthlandSmaller, sweet berries excellent for jams and baking​

We use Integrated Pest Management at the farm to respond to pest pressure and minimize pesticide use on our farm. While we are not a certified organic farm we have committed to using only organic sprays on the blueberries that you pick. Feel free to eat our blueberries straight from the bush. We also recommend cooling your blueberries as soon as possible when you get home. Questions? Feel free to ask us via email or in person!

Community Connections

UVM Bee Pollination Study

The University of Vermont has been researching the bee pollination of our blueberry blossoms for the last couple years. Bees are an integral part in making sure we have fresh, sweet berries each year!  Enjoy this YouTube Video that explains the research project while showing beautiful footage of Owl's Head Blueberry Farm.

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