Owl’s Head Blueberry Farm is located in the shadow of the hill that early maps called “Owl’s Head” between Hillview Road and Huntington Road in Richmond, Vermont. Originally a hillside subsistence farm when first settled in 1767 by Amos B. Cooper, it was operated as a dairy farm from the early 1900s until around 1960. Pictures taken from the ridgeline above the farm in the 1960s show that the land was clear from just below the hilltop to the road.

In 1979, four friends (Larry Copp, Patricia Weaver, Jon and Pat Downer) began the blueberry plantings that you see now. Land clearing to restore the fields began immediately, and homes and farm buildings were built in 1982 and 1983. The

original farm barns were recycled by local post and beam carpenters.

In September 2016, Ryan and Rachel Gray purchased Owl's Head Blueberry farm from the original owners. A conservation easement was placed on the property through the Richmond Land Trust so the farm will continue to be preserved for years to come. 

Today there are approximately 3,000 blueberry bushes on 5 acres. An additional 20+ acres are maintained as open fields, providing a natural habitat throughout the year for pollinators and other wildlife.


The farm business is based on a philosophy of responsible, sustainable, and productive

husbandry of the land. The season for pick-your- own blueberries begins in mid-July and continues through August.  Local bands provide entertainment for pickers during our music night series, a tradition that has continued for many years. 

Our two boys, Ethan (5) and Waylon (4) can often be found in the check out stand or eating blueberries in the fields.