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Looking forward to our 2023 Season in July and August

-Closed Mondays-
Tuesday:    9am - Noon
                       & 5pm - 8pm                    for Music Night!  
Wednesday:  9am - 4pm
     Thursday:   9am- 
Friday:     8am - 6pm
Saturday: 8am - 6pm
Sunday:   8am - 4pm

Please Note: We will be closed if it is rainy or thunderstorming. Please call ahead or check online if the weather is questionnable. 

Our 2023 Music Calendar is coming together. Check out our live music nights page for more info!

Please remember dogs are not allowed. Bring your own picnic and drinks. 


Our season has come to an end quickly! Wednesday August 10th was our last day open. The Vermont Foodbank will come glean later this week. We are thankful for all our customers and some great music nights! See you next season! 
 (updated on 8.10.22)
Wondering about the short season? Early bloom coupled with the hot weather in July condensed our season. We also had one variety, Spartans, that started to bud early in April and were then zapped by a cold spell so that reduced our overall crop by a quarter Thankful for our pickers who have been very understanding about our unique season. Farming is never predictable!
We are no longer accepting orders for pre-picked flats of blueberries. 
Thank you! 
2022 Pick Your Own Guidelines  
  •  We follow CDC and Vermont state guidelines, as our farm is entirely outdoors, masks are not required. Thanks for getting vaccinated!
  • We continue to charge for blueberries by the quart at $7/quart and our PYO trays are $1. We encourage you to bring your own quart containers and trays as cost of materials continues to rise.
  • We have a couple picnic tables available for use on a first come, first served basis and you are welcome to picnic in the blueberry fields as well. 
  • After picking, check out at the stand. We accept cash (preferably exact), checks, or credit cards. Please note you will be charged a $.50 credit card fee. 
  • We have a couple port-a-lets available if needed, please disinfect or wash hands after using and before re-entering the pick your own fields.
  • *As always per state regulations, please remember that your furry friends are not allowed at the farm. 
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